Open Concept Kitchen

Our homeowners were in need of an open concept kitchen remodel. With a typical 1970’s style kitchen, they wished to entertain more friends in their home, and needed more space. They called us with a list of design features they had hoped to incorporate.

At the top of their list, of course, was an open concept — a living space with views to all areas where their friends might gather. They wanted a large island so they could enjoy cooking and conversation, and they wanted views of their lovely backyard trees.

Abe created a design they could visualize, and Anthony got to work. We removed walls, built cabinets, and shifted the island to the perfect spot — all the while keeping an eye on costs.

We were able to save the homeowners money by making some economical decisions, such as not moving the location of the sink. Decisions like that reserved more of their budget for the final touches; things that turn a good design into a great home.

Do you need a space that is designed for your life? We would love to hear from you!

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