1980’s Kitchen Update

Outdated Kitchen-1980’s Kitchen Update

Our primary goal was to bring this 1980’s kitchen and living area to the current decade. To give you an example of what we mean, here are some pictures before we got started.

The 1980’s Kitchen & Living Space

1980's kitchen_outdated kitchen 1980's living room_outdated living room








As you can imagine, our client had some specific requests. Below is a listing of the dilemmas in this 1980’s kitchen update that needed to be fixed, and the solutions that we were able to provide for these homeowners.

Design Dilemmas

1. The central gathering area was closed off from the dining room and living room – we removed the walls, soffits and visual barriers, and created an open, contemporary, beautiful, linear kitchen with an island.

2. The dining area connected to the living room, creating an awkward L shaped layout, and peninsula cabinets hung from the ceiling, blocking any view or natural light from the adjoining sunroom – the new design of the cabinets and countertops eliminated the L shaped peninsula, which allowed the natural light to flow into the kitchen. By creating a direct connection between the kitchen and the sun room, we were able to create a usable, open – no longer cramped – space.

3. The kitchen sink looked directly at the wall. There were no windows, no view – the sink was placed in the center of the island which allowed the ability to socialize with guests or look out any of the surrounding windows.

4. The front foyer was not functional for the owners and included a chaotic closet in the entry – by removing the closet and two walls in the entryway, we were able to reclaim valuable space, re-purposed with organized cubbies for each member of the family. The kids were ecstatic!

Step 1 – Removing the Wall

In order to open up the closed off kitchen, we removed the wall.

wall removal_in progress_kitchen remodelwall removal_kitchen update kitchen remodel_in progress

In these images, you can see what the area looked like before we removed the wall, and after the wall was removed. Below is an explanation for the third image. The lower level ceiling was originally done in either thin coat plaster or knotty pine, and therefore, moving plumbing from below was not an option. Everything had to be done from above. We opened up the floor system and ran plumbing, heating, gas and electric through the floor joists.

Step 2 – Eliminating the L Shape

kitchen in progress


By creating a direct connection between the kitchen, dining room, living room and sun room, we were able to create a usable, open and no longer cramped space. This update allowed a view of the pre-existing sunroom, and plenty of natural light.

updated kitchen_open floor plan_natural light

Kitchen with the L shape removed, allowing a new view of the sunroom, and plenty of natural light, Windsor, WI by Degnan Design Builders.

Step 3 – A Sink with a View

The sink no longer faces a wall. We placed the new sink in the center of a beautiful island which now allows interaction with guests, as well as the ability to look out any of the many surrounding windows.

kitchen remodel_updated kitchen_large island_natural light

Kitchen moved to center of island to allow opportunity for interaction with guests, Windsor, WI by Degnan Design Builders

Step 4 – A Functional Foyer

In the foyer, we removed a crowded, yet still under-utilized closet, and replaced it with these beautiful cubbies. This adds an attractive storage solution which eliminates the clutter. The foyer is now, no longer a chaotic space, but welcoming for both visitors, and the kids who are thrilled about their personalized cubbies.

cubbies_foyer_storage soutions_attractive storage solutions

New cubbies in the foyer provide personalized space for every child in the family as well as keep the foyer free from clutter, Windsor, WI by Degnan Design Builders

Some Quality Finishing Touches

New flooring is now completed in the foyer, up the stairs, and through the entire living room and kitchen area as well as down the hallways to the bedrooms. A fireplace has been installed in the living area, creating a cozy atmosphere for the family to gather.

fireplace install_living area_family room

A new fireplace was installed to provide ambience in the living room, Windsor, Wi by Degnan Design Builders

fireplace install_living area_family room












All together, the details of these updates have significantly increased the value of the home for this family, ultimately, giving them a kitchen that they love.

In our homeowner’s own words…

client quote
updated kitchen_kitchen remodel_main level remodel_huge island_open floor plan_natural light

Completely remodeled and updated living area and kitchen in Windsor, WI by Degnan Design Builders

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