What is GuildQuality?

guildquality_memberGuildQuality is an independent customer survey company. Our membership with GuildQuality gives us the ability to tailor questions based on job type so we can receive very specific feedback for each type of remodel, geared to every step of the process.

It is not unusual for our customers to be asked what they think multiple times during their building experience. This allows us to adjust our level of communication to each customer so they always feel heard. This also helps us understand if there is trouble brewing before it becomes a crisis.

In short, GuildQuality not only helps our customers communicate the things they like or dislike, but also gives us the tools we need for ongoing improvement.

When we do succeed in our mission to provide exceptional service, GuildQuality recognizes us with the GuildMaster designation. Earning the GuildMaster badge is accomplished through positive feedback from a large percentage of our happy customers.

Visit GuildQuality for a wealth of comprehensive reports, testimonials, customer satisfaction summary, and other timely information, all in an easy to read format. Or, visit our Testimonials page for recent customer comments.

GuildQuality profile summary for Aug 2015