Creative Solutions Kitchen

Multiple Creative Solutions Do you need a remodeler or builder who truly listens to your needs? One who has enough experience to offer you multiple creative solutions? These homeowners were looking for someone who would not only listen to their dreams for their home, but offer them options as well. We are so glad that… Read more »

1970’s Makeover

A 1970’s Complete Makeover This 1970’s home was in need of a complete remodel.     Outside, a deck, screen porch and carport structure were not only falling away from the house, but were also becoming a hindrance to our clients as they aged.         Inside, an original u-shaped kitchen contained a… Read more »

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Luxury We had the privilege of building this home last year, and have since been called back to remodel the existing patio. Our home owner’s wanted an outdoor living space that would feel luxurious and also accommodate their large family of ten. As a result, this outdoor living space was created for several different… Read more »

Personalizing Your Home

Know What You Love Does your home reflect your personality? Does it provide an accurate first impression for guests? If you are a family, does it resemble family time? If you are an empty nester, is there plenty of room to entertain? Only you know what your home needs, and what would have meaning to you.… Read more »

Key to a Beautiful Home – Maximizing Views

Maximize the Views Do you have a home that is surrounded by beautiful views? Has your home been designed in a way that maximizes those views? These homeowners were surrounded by gorgeous farmland, but it was barely visible from inside. When they contacted us, they had some great ideas to open up their space. We… Read more »

Screen Porch to Sunroom

From Screen Porch to Sunroom The Plan Thirteen years ago, we had the privilege of building this home, and are thrilled to be called back by the second owners. Although the original owners had requested a screen porch, the new owners feel that a sunroom will be more adequate to meet their needs. Their exciting renovation… Read more »

Modern Farmhouse – FOR SALE

Modern Farmhouse Are you looking for a new home in a beautiful country setting, with all the amenities of living in the city? Look no further, this modern farmhouse is FOR SALE  in the gorgeous community of Bishops Bay in Middleton, WI. 4918 St. Annes Dr 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3,041 Finished Square Feet Listed… Read more »

Screen Porch with a View

Not Just your Typical Porch These homeowners wanted to add a screen porch to their home, but not just your typical porch. They wanted a screen porch that was interesting to look at,  but more than anything else, one that would also preserve the view of their beautiful backyard woods from multiple rooms of their home.… Read more »

Upside Down House Remodel

Build New, or Remodel? Do you love your location, but not necessarily your home? Have you wondered if you should build new or remodel? That was definitely the case with this upside down house remodel. The homeowner considered the thought of building new, but could not find any lots that compared to her beautiful, tree… Read more »

What is Obscure Glass

What is Obscure Glass? Are you in the process of building or remodeling? Do you feel like there is a never ending list of decisions that you have to make? It can be tough, especially when you aren’t familiar with some of the terms. In this week’s blog, we are going to answer one question… Read more »

What is Stamped Concrete?

The Decision Making Process Are you currently thinking about, or in the process of remodeling an existing patio, or building a new one? We all know that the decision making process can be tough. Even a small addition can cause a bit of a headache when you consider the plethora of choices that are available… Read more »

What is EIFS?

Construction sites seem to be a place where a lot of terms get thrown around. This can be quite confusing, especially if you are building a new home, or doing a significant remodel for the first time. A term that came up here recently, as a result of building a French Country style home in Windsor, is… Read more »

What is Cellulose Insulation?

What is Cellulose Insulation? Your home is in the process of being built, each day brings you a bit closer to moving day. You were careful to hire a great contractor, so you have been informed all along of the progress that is being made. The foundation has been laid, the framework is done, and today… Read more »

Screen Porch Additions

Screen porch additions not only transform your home, but they can transform your life. Suddenly, you look forward to spending time outside. Lazy summer evenings become a bit more tranquil without mosquitos buzzing in your ear. Instead, you enjoy watching the children catch fireflies, while the crickets chirp in the background. Early mornings, the sounds… Read more »

Design Trends for 2016

Getting the House Ready for Spring The birds are chirping,  little green buds are beginning to poke their heads out of your favorite tree outside the kitchen window, and you are more than ready for a fresh start. Should you attempt that remodeling project? Is your bathroom in need of a fresh coat of paint?… Read more »

The Sump Pump Challenge

The Sump Pump Challenge. Sometimes we run into things that need a bit of extra attention. And typically these challenges deal with things that can’t go wrong, because if they do, they could cause a lot of headache. Anthony and Abe ran into one such problem. Like most other homeowners in Wisconsin, these homeowners had… Read more »

2016 Parade Home – Modern Farmhouse

2016 Parade Home – Modern Farmhouse Imagine a parade home crafted with the casual family atmosphere of a modern farmhouse, accented with bold industrial elements, elegant neutrals, and designed to impress your guests. If we had the privilege of seeing you at the Madison Area Builders Association Dream Home Showcase, you are probably familiar with our 2016 Parade… Read more »

The Value of Design

Given the small area of most bathrooms, and the number of elements that need to be included, it is no wonder why remodeling can be such a challenge. However, breaking the obstacles down to their most honest form reveals a much simpler challenge, and fortunately, simple challenges usually have simple solutions. No budge in the… Read more »

Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms… You would think that the smaller the space, the easier it would be to create an effective design. But in practice, the opposite is true. Small spaces, especially those with strict requirements (like a half bath–it must contain a toilet and a sink!), can be especially troublesome. They also happen to be the… Read more »

Fixing up the Nest

Fixing up the Nest  The birds are starting to move back to town, and they are gathering just about anything they can find to build their nests. They don’t seem to be very picky about color, or even material…not like us… We know what we like, and we know what we don’t like. So why… Read more »