Key to a Beautiful Home – Maximizing Views

Maximize the Views

Do you have a home that is surrounded by beautiful views? Has your home been designed in a way that maximizes those views? These homeowners were surrounded by gorgeous farmland, but it was barely visible from inside. When they contacted us, they had some great ideas to open up their space. We listened to their wishes for their home, added 35 years of experience and a few more creative solutions, and together came up with a new plan that is designed for their life. Follow this story for the details of how we take an outdated, cramped kitchen and turn it into a chef’s paradise. You can also like us on facebook for continuous updates on all of our projects.
farmland_backyard view

Gutting the Kitchen

This 1980’s, cramped and dimly lit kitchen, needed a complete overhaul. The u-shape had to go, and the (although trendy in the 80’s) soffits and hanging cabinets left no potential for outdoor views. The only answer was to completely start over by gutting the entire kitchen.

kitchen before

Our clients asked to do this work themselves to help save on costs, and we agreed. They followed the specific requirements that were necessary and did a great job, as you can see in the image below.

cabinets and appliances removed

Already, you can see a huge difference in the way this home flows. Now it is time to get our workers in there and start transforming it.

Planning Stages

The next step in the process is removing the wall that was causing this kitchen to feel so closed in. This will allow for the main floor to become a large great room area. The kitchen will be relocated to the room that is directly behind our production team. At this stage, a meeting is required between our project manager and workers to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Any questions and concerns can be dealt with before the project begins.

project manager and team

Although removing a wall seems like a simple concept, there is a lot to be considered. It is important to leave this work up to a professional team to avoid errors and oftentimes unknown discoveries, which can become very costly. 

The Great Room

As you can see, by simply removing the wall, we now have a great room area that is flooded with natural light. Again, the room that was originally a family room (located in the back of the house) will become the location for the new kitchen. We are already beginning to see the potential for a huge transformation.

in progress pic

Dramatic Windows

One of the obvious keys to maximizing your views is window size. In this case, our homeowners opted for a twelve foot patio door which was a brilliant choice, bringing in brilliant light, and giving a wide angle view of the farm fields beyond. Can you picture a huge island in the center of this room?

twelve foot patio door


Installing Drywall

This project is moving right along. As you can see, the drywall is now in place. This view is looking in from the new great room. Straight ahead, between the two windows, is where the old kitchen once stood. The room to the left is the location for the new kitchen. Let’s see what’s in that room now.

In Progress

Bright & Spacious Kitchen

Kitchen In Progress

Quite a dramatic difference here. This room was once an under-utilized family room. It was dark, dreary, seriously outdated, and contained an old fireplace. The fireplace has now been updated and relocated to the new great room as seen in the picture below. This house is definitely coming together.

Great Room In Progress

Stone Fireplace

In the image below, workers from Fireside Hearth and Home install the stone for the fireplace in the great room.

installing stone on fireplace stone fireplace in great room



Looks like they did a beautiful job!




Below, the kitchen is now complete with light fixtures and appliances. What a difference from the original cramped and poorly lit outdated living room.

Remember, if you want a home that is designed for your life, we would love to hear from you.