Small Bathrooms

Small Bathrooms…

You would think that the smaller the space, the easier it would be to create an effective design. But in practice, the opposite is true.

Small spaces, especially those with strict requirements (like a half bath–it must contain a toilet and a sink!), can be especially troublesome. They also happen to be the most crucial to get right the first time.

Over the years, we’ve employed a number of different strategies for these tiny, essential rooms. Sometimes a clever design is key, and while this one is not one of ours, we certainly appreciate the amazing tile work and the echo of the design in the window.

Contemporary Powder Room by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Marsh and Clark Design

The solution doesn’t have to be difficult. Even something as simple as a clever lighting plan can do the trick.

The picture above is from our 2013 parade home. Notice how the cabinet hovers over the floor? The under cabinet lighting is installed below the base cabinet. The soft glow provided by this unexpected light source serves as a much elevated version of the standard nightlight, while adding interest and a sense that there is additional floor space.

It is also pretty nice to be able to get the dust mop all the way under the cabinet! No dust bunnies here!
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